Welcome to Health Pointe Ortho Gear, LLC

Health Pointe Ortho Gear, LLC, the leader in orthopedic gear, has created a truly unique opportunity that allows good-hearted people like you to help others as they help themselves. We specialize in footwear and joint pain gear for back, knees, elbows and several other key areas affected by diabetes and joint pain.

Many of our clients are diabetic and arthritic patients with foot and joint pain problems. You can provide them relief with the most supportive orthopedic gear available – and be well compensated for your efforts.

Diabetes and joint Pain are a serious problem

The American Diabetes Association reports that 20.8 million Americans (7% of the population) have diabetes.  One symptom of diabetes is poor blood circulation in the legs and feet, which can lead to severe complications – including amputation.

To prevent such drastic measures, Medicare covers the cost of orthopedic gear for people suffering from diabetes and joint pain.  In most cases Medicare, or other qualified insurance companies covers the majority of costs for orthopedic gear.

But you can make a difference

Many diabetic and arthritic patients neglect their feet and joint pain by refusing to wear proper footwear and/or therapeutic wraps and over time their problems begin.

Orthopedic gear doesn’t have to be ugly! You can prove this to your clients with a simple in-home consultation. When they see the broad selection of modern styles and beautiful colors that we offer, your clients will change their tune about orthopedic shoes and gear forever. Their body will thank you for it!

So, for just 15 minutes of your time, you can make a serious difference in the life of someone suffering with discomfort due to diabetes and/or joint pain. When your clients place an order, you’ll notice the difference in your bank account.

If you have a sincere desire to help people (and get rewarded for it), we’d like you to be part of our team. Click here to join today, or exasperater to learn more about this tremendous opportunity.